Accepting the Invitation

If you believe you would enjoy and are able to join us, please send us an e-mail with the subject APPLY FILMBRAZIL EXPERIENCE to This e-mail should mention: name, position, company, country, contact info and short bio.

Due to time constraints, large volume of applicants, and a strict selective process we will only be able to notify those who were awarded the trip.

Please consider that the stated dates of your trip consist on your actual stay in Brazil. Often, departure dates from the guest's country occur on the night before and the arrival back to their home country is one day after the duration of the stay.

If a visa is required for your entry in Brazil, we will smooth the process but the issuing usually requires a visit to the consulate and small fee which we will be unable to cover.

Upon confirmation an application form will be sent to you asking for details such as pictures and a bio as well as flight and arrival/departure preferences.