Requirements & Perks

The Requirements

Each guest has to confirm that their responsibilities within their companies allow for decision making on where and with which company to produce abroad. The guest also pledges to consider Brazil for full or partial productions when an opportunity arises. During the first few days in Brazil, each guest will be introduced to a large number of professionals and companies therefore a real interest in learning about the industry, individual companies and their talents is crucial to an enjoyable experience for all parts involved.

During the FilmBrazil Experience there is usually a former introduction to the Brazilian Press during a cocktail party where interviews may be required. Two or three of the days should be filled with visits to museums, art galleries, parks, and entertaining locations where the group is accompanied by directors and representatives from all associated companies. Although these meetings are strictly professional, FilmBrazil maintains its informality by making these encounters as unique and fun as a business meeting could possibly be. Between the guest's arrival and departure (whether the trip has been extended on personal expenses or not) all businesses contacts in Brazil, excluding the press, should be maintained within the companies and professionals directly associated to FilmBrazil. FilmBrazil's list of companies can be found on our website and failure to abide to this request will terminate the trip immediately.

After confirming and committing to the trip, each guest agrees to reimburse FilmBrazil for all expenses which may be unreimbursed by any other means such as purchase of plane tickets and hotel bookings.

The Perks

FilmBrazil Experience is an all-inclusive trip to a few selected professionals who represent the best within their companies and countries. For a period of around one week, guests will have a business and entertainment agenda set up so everyone can enjoy every minute of their stay without worrying about missing Brazil's best.

Guests will enjoy free plane tickets, transportation and also room & board on outstanding locations. While during some days there will be work to do, during the evenings FilmBrazil and its members will make sure nothing comes short. There will be entertainment activities whenever possible from city tours to gastronomical excursions and cultural events.

On every edition of the FilmBrazil Experience, there is one main attraction or side-trip to entice other senses and expand the acquired knowledge on the Brazilian culture. Please make sure you learn all the details on what the current edition offers.