Embrace a culture that invites the right side of your brain to take the lead. Yes, the right hemisphere – the one responsible for frivolous things like facial recognition, smell identification, and music.

Travel to a place where natural and cultural wealth extends far past the sweet sounds of samba, the dazzling landscapes, and the richest soccer tradition in the world.

Go beyond the economic indicators of the world’s sixth largest economy, and the historically high investment returns of a film industry buzzing with new opportunity.

Look past what you can measure and quantify. Explore the diversity of art, culture, and language produced by the most heterogeneous people in the world.

Discover the details in a land where every moment is a postcard. A cheerful street vendor who sings softly while exchanging mineral water for glittering centavos becomes a short film. A children’s game becomes a cinematic odyssey.

For the eagle-eyed observer, this is a place to never turn off your camera.

Come to Brazil and see for yourself. We’ll surprise you with the vibrancy of our growing film industry, introduce you to the emerging young talents at our production companies, and guide you through the details of shooting and showing your films here.

We welcome you with open arms.